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Tommy was born in Turin in 1962 by parents of Apulian origin and at an early age he moved to the province of Bari, in a small but cozy country: Grumo Appula.

Here Tommy begins to know and love the music inheriting, thanks perhaps to the genetic factor, from his father, who because of the "return" to his native land, he had to make choices, including that of having to give up his passion .

And it is precisely here that Tommy just teenager, he started attending the first musical environments and makes his first experiences became part of his first unforgettable Band: The Epicentro.

During this period, at the same time to the tests, the country of talent shows, festivals and weddings, unique opportunities for the band to perform, Tommy does not miss another passion.
Writing and composing songs of his own, where they can express, every feeling, living history and a view of being influenced and taking as an example the artists and the music coming from overseas.
Precisely for this reason supported by the few friends he started this experience, including Domenico Albergo, decides and manages to create a band with which try to offer the public their music, in fact soon to crown a little dream .. .

A concert of all his songs!

This very rewarding experience, pushes him to go even further.
So prepares his first recordings and began to put the attention of record labels at the time, driven by the enthusiasm and innocence of his age, also takes part in singing competitions in order to obtain a wider response.
Already eighteen year old, knows and attends one of the few prominent figures of Puglia, the recording studio and music production "crescendo" of the brothers Bernardi, thanks to which, learn about the music under a new profile but crucial: the professional.
Thus began a new period, leading Tommy to write and compose not only for himself but also to create music for other artists, make their voices heard in productions Dance & spots and at the same time to create around himself the little credibility to realize that maybe, it was not just a short "chapter" of his life.

The first major debut Tommy takes place in 1988 that saw him on the small screen with the initials of "Azzurro ", a prelude to television Festivalbar with the group Arianova strongly backed by Vittorio Salvetti and Gino Settani equipment manufacturer and below Festivalbar same.

After this experience, Tommy continues to attend the recording environment and to tread the boards of Italy as a musician and frontman of various bands like the Hunza, rock group born from the collaboration and friendship with Paul Iannattone, musician and music producer currently very successful and " Banda Milord ", a group of Italian music and together they produced the album" Battisti latino "a collection of songs by Lucio Battisti precisely latin twist and leads the group to tread the biggest stages of Italy and Europe.

From 2002 onwards, finally free from any contractual obligation, Tommy decides to start from scratch, founding her own label and dedicating from that moment on, every energy on his music as a solo singer while continuing artistic collaborations with every production asked her contribution without ignoring any genre of music ranging from Pop to Rock and RnB.

... And the story goes!

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